Human Connection Potluck


From Haenah Kwon ’17:

Are you looking for some warmth and love this weekend? Do you want free homey food? Do you want to chill with cool people of Middletown? Are you a human? If you said yes to any of the questions above, come join Middletown Potluck at 6 pm on February 7th at First Church, 190 Court St. Come for food, love, connection, warmth and some kickin’ conversation! You don’t have to bring food, you are welcome to if you want to but there will be food provided as well! Our theme this potluck will be: HUMAN CONNECTION :)

Van will be leaving from 200 Church to First Church from 5:50pm for those of you who want to avoid walking in the snow, but it is definitely a walking distance!

email hkwon(at)wesleyan(dot)edu if you have any questions or want to help cooking! Check out facebook event here:

Date: Today!
Time: 6:00PM
Place: First Church (190 Court St.)

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