<3 Valentine Making Party

1319309311024_6154204This just in from the effervescent Talia Bauer ’15 with a v enticing event where you get to eat cookies and make broken hearts out of construction paper celebrate the upcoming holiday of luv!

In my ninth grade Spanish class, Señora Betegh taught us that Valentine’s Day is ACTUALLY the day of Love AND of Friendship. This might have just been a clever ruse to teach us the word “amistad,” but the point is, this coming week we have an opportunity to celebrate ALL
of the people we love and appreciate in our lives. So your stunning neighborhood CAs are holding a Valentine-making and cookie-decorating
party (and yes, we will have frosting that isn’t gross-tasting and
pink). Come make Valentines and cookies for your S/O, your friendz
with benz, your roommate, your bestie, your parent, your CUSTODIAN,
your advisor, your neighbor, your RA/HM/CA (NO we’re not
self-interested, how dare you suggest it)… Basically the
possibilities are endless. See you there!

Time: 4:30
Date: 2/13
Place: Fauver Lounge

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