VAX Concert Ft. Lunch Cult, Salt People, and Trigger


PSA from Gabriel Doss ’17:

Do you like love? Do you like fire in your heart-balls? Here’s a
concert after the jump:

VAX (pronounced “fajsh,” from NYC)

VAX is not a band. VAX is a waterfall. VAX is a hurricane. VAX is an
unstoppable force. This collective trio features each member’s
musical meltdowns and manic artistic episodes. The power of three is
more than one. VAX.

Lunch Cult – three men from Maine who play rock and roll. It includes
Luke Macdonald (’17). As the legendary Maine rapper Spose said: “The
girls are repulsed so I hide in my hood like I’m joining a cult.”

Salt People – a new generation of kooks from NYC who play freaky

Trigger – The new trio out of Boston, hot and fresh out the kitchen,
featuring the former bassist from Guerilla Toss and two shredders who
play the heavy werks of John Zorn.

Come to Art House at 10pm on Friday and chill with us like chilling
has never been done in your life before today or any other day please
thank you!!!

Date: Friday, February 20th
Time: 10:00 PM- 2:00 AM
Place: Art House

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