“Idiopreneurial Entrephonics” Concert I – “Perambulating, Peering, Prodding and Hearing: The Synthesizer Car Show”

shapeimage_1From CFA staffer Andrew Chatfield:

“Perambulating, Peering, Prodding and Hearing: The Synthesizer Car Show” is the first concert of a two day festival of music made mostly with analog electronic circuitry, “Idiopreneurial Entrephonics,” this business of sharing sound.

Concerts of live electronic music often end with people wandering the stage to puzzle over the maze of cables and boxes that served as the instrument of the evening’s music. The synthesizer car show reverses that. All of the instruments of the weekend will be available for audition and inspection, punctuated by short informative declamations and needle drops by Thom Holmes (author of “Electronic and Experimental Music,” and possessor of every LP record ever made that features a Moog synthesizer); and Asha Tamirisa (creator of the digital doppleganger of the ARP 2500 synthesizer). With contributions from David Behrman, Michael Johnsen, Mark VerbosMichael Schumacher, Kato Hideki, Luke DuBois, and Matt Wellins; graduate music students Peter Blasser, Cecilia Lopez, and Daniel Fishkin; and many others.

And at 9pm, there will be performances by Analogos (Michael Schumacher, Kato Hideki and Luke DuBois).

Date: Friday, February 20
Time: 8-10 PM
Place: World Music Hall

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