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Data Visualization at the New York Times

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From James Hall ’15:

Wesleyan will host The New York Times’ Amanda Cox, who will give a talk on “Data Visualization at the New York Times.” Cox has been an essential part of one of the most interesting developments in contemporary journalism, the growth of data journalism, which in the innovative contexts of papers such as the Times and the Guardian have brought the analytic edge of social science back into journalism, most often by uniting it with powerful images. As Wesleyan prepares to launch its own data journalism course next year Cox, who teaches such a course at NYU, couldn’t be a more timely speaker.

Time: 4:15
Place: Russell House

“Idiopreneurial Entrephonics” Workshops and Talks – Compadres Inside Electronics

Seze Devres Photography NYC www.sdphotography.netFrom CFA staffer Andrew Chatfield:

The two day festival of music made mostly with analog electronic circuitry, “Idiopreneurial Entrephonics,” this business of sharing sound, continues with workshops and talks. At 2pm, Michael Johnsen (Pittsburgh Modular) will present his archeological investigations of the electronics of David Tudor, Gordon Mumma, and David Behrman; Mark Verbos (Verbos Electronics) will demonstrate his own line of Eurorack analog modules and discuss his work with the Buchla synthesizer; Thom Holmes will discuss his work at developing a definitive history of the Moog Synthesizer; Asha Tamirisa will provide a detailed peek into the functioning of the legendary ARP 2500 synthesizer; John Driscoll and Phil Edelstein will show their current work on “Rainforest V” and their work with Matt Rogalsky on realizing David Tudor’s microphone; and Matt Wellins will recount some of his adventures with homemade electronics.

Date: Saturday, February 21
Time: 2-4 PM
Place: World Music Hall

“Idiopreneurial Entrephonics” Workshops and Talks – The David Tudor and David Behrman Collections of Electronic Instrumentation

grl_tudor21lFrom CFA staffer Andrew Chatfield:

The two day festival of music made mostly with analog electronic circuitry, “Idiopreneurial Entrephonics,” this business of sharing sound, continues with workshops and talks.

At 11am there will be a working session on the electronic instruments, instrumentation, and associated paraphernalia included in Wesleyan World Instrument Collection, including the David Tudor and David Behrman collections of electronic instrumentation.

Date: Saturday, February 21
Time: 11 AM – 1 PM
Place: Davison Art Center

The Shmagina Dialogues


From Willa Beckman ’15:

The Shmagina Dialogues is a place for people of all gender identities and sexualities to express themselves and tell their stories.

Show times:
Thursday @ 8
Friday @ 8
Saturday @ 2 + post-show discussion
Saturday @ 8

In order to continue an open dialogue about the relationship between sexuality and art, there will be a post-show discussion following the Saturday matinee of The Shmagina Dialogues. How do you create a space for individuals to tell stories while being inclusive of all genders and sexualities? Is performance a productive way to address the ambiguities of sexuality? How do these conversations differ at Wesleyan vs. other communities? Join us!

Tickets will be on sale in Usdan during meal times and before the show. Recommended price $5. After production costs, all proceeds will go to the Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health.

Date: Thurs, Feb 19- Sat, Feb 21
Time: 8- 9:30 PM
Place: WestCo Cafe
Cost: $5 (recommended)
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Film Series: The Dove Flyer (a.k.a. Farewell Baghdad)

2013. Israel. Dir: Nissim Dayan. With Daniel Gad, Yasmin Ayun. 105 min.


With so much of our attention focused on Iraq’s recent history, this film instead seeks to illuminate the story of Baghdad’s ancient Jewish community and the departure of 130,000 people during its final days in 1950. It is the first film made in the Iraqi-Jewish dialect of Arabic. Speaker: Elisha Russ-Fishbane, Assistant Professor of Religion.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

UCAB’s 7th Birthday Bash!


PSA from UCAB:

To celebrate UCAB’s 7th trip around the sun, we’re throwing a party!
Come listen and dance to a live DJ, play party games like musical
chairs, take a swing at a pinata, and WIN PRIZES such as bluetooth
speakers and an Xbox 360!!!

FREE cake and snacks!

Date: Thursday, February 19th
Time: 8:00 PM-12:00 AM
Place: Usdan