Cymbals Eat Guitars // all-caps LADD // Schwab at Eclectic 2/20

From Bennett Gelly ’15:

Cymbals Eat Guitars is an indie rock band from Staten Island, New York. The band recently released their third album LOSE. “The LP is inspired by the death of a guy who was friends with the band, but the LP doesn’t sound depressive or numbed. Instead, it’s huge and alive and bursting with melody and spirit.” -Stereogum

All-caps LADD is a group of amateur magicians turned musicians living, laughing, loving, and most of all learning in middlesex county. It’s a journey.

Schwab is a three-piece outfit, the pants in the band are worn by Anna Schwab. They are and always have been Tim Allen’s favorite dad rock band.

Date: Fri, February 20
Time: 10 PM
Place: Eclectic
FB Event.

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