Now There Are More Places to Sit in Exley


New furniture!

The new furniture in the Exley Lobby, as promised to us in an email in December, is finally here. There’s currently a construction crew setting up tables by Pi and the Fish Bowl is totally empty because it’s about to get a furniture upgrade. Included in this renovation are ~*more outlets*~ as part of the seating areas, which are scattered around the whole lobby now. Exley’s about to get a lot more social.

Here’s a description of the space from an email by Brandi Hood, Senior Project Coordinator of Construction Services (and more pics after the jump):

As you may have heard, we are working on an exciting new project to upgrade the space in the Exley Science Center lobby to be more accommodating to socializing and group study. The project will include a brighter paint scheme and new carpeting to provide a safer entrance into the building from the elements and to help with settling down the acoustics in the space.  New furniture will include soft seating with power to charge your electronic devices, study tables by Exley 150 and café tables outside of Pi.  Standing kiosks with acoustic fabric and charging plugs will be installed in the structural stone nooks along the classroom walls.  New power and USB outlets will be strategically placed throughout to accommodate our ever growing electronic environment.  Last, but certainly not least, one of our alum will be providing a magnificent art display to provide visual interest and liven up the lobby!

Secondly, the 24/7 study space will be upgraded with the same new finishes as well as receive new furniture.  This space will be used in the future during the 8am – 4pm time frame as a collaborative group study classroom for a new Intensive Track program to be rolled out later in 2015.  When not in use as a classroom, this space will continue to be open for study space.

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