PCSE Seed Grant Pitch Competition!

Six teams of students are in the running for three $5,000 grants from the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship. They’ll go head-to-head in a public pitch competition this Friday and, based on the potential impact and feasibility of their projects and the caliber of their teams, a panel of alumni judges will determine which of the noble ventures to fund.

Read more about the finalists after the jump, and come cheer for your friends and favorite projects tomorrow! Pizza will be provided, and a webcast will be available here.

Date: Friday, February 27
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Place: PAC 002 (and webcast)

The 2015 PCSE Seed Grant finalists are:

assk logoAssk
Rachel Verner ’15
Assk is a unisex underwear/clothing line that encourages and normalizes active sexual consent. The brand serves as a broad reminder on a t-shirt, as a sign of solidarity for survivors, and as an immediate, intimate reminder in the bedroom.

Feminist UniversityFeminist University
Raechel Rosen ’15 and Chloe Murtagh ’15
Through carefully selected schools and strategies, Feminist University will work to foster empowerment and solidarity in American undergraduate institutions, planting seeds of change at individual schools and the national culture through performance, education, community organizing and network building.

potlux logoPotlux
Brent Packer ’15, Aaron Rosen ’15, Jared Geilich ’15, Gerard Liu ’15, Keren Reichler ’16, Cassia Patel ’16, Ellen Paik ’16, and Gabe Frankel ’15
Potlux is on track to be the first online community where collegiate sustainability initiatives are effectively aggregated and shared. The potential for this platform is huge: facilitating best practice movements across the college network, inspiring new ideas, building intercollegiate collaboration, and catalyzing project funding.

techbucks logoTechBucks
Julian Compagni Portis ’15 and Kehan Zhou ’15
TechBucks creates a streamlined platform for college students to easily sell their old electronics. In an era where e-waste is becoming an endemic problem, TechBucks encourages multi-generational use and reduced demand for new electronics.

The Wesleyan Doula Project logoThe Wesleyan Doula Project
Alexandra Stovicek ’17, Hannah Sokoloff-Rubin ’16, and Julia Vermeulen ’15
The Wesleyan Doula Project is the only university-based doula project in the country.  As doulas, we provide emotional, physical, and informational support to women choosing to terminate their pregnancies at Connecticut Planned Parenthood clinics.  A student-run, volunteer collective, we are part of a greater movement to address growing inequalities in reproductive health care by advocating for reproductive choice at Wesleyan and within the broader community.

westudee logoWeStudee
Alexander Garcia ’17, Darcie Binder ’15, Ye Ji Park ’18, Paticha Areepipatkul ’18
, and team
WeStudee’s mission is to improve student educational outcomes and well-being through collaborative learning.  The WeStudee application is an online service that enables students to find study partners based on availability and their desired criteria, such as major, coursework, and study-location.

Curious about previous grantees? Read about them here and here.

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