WeSlam’s 24-Hour Group Slam

maxresdefaultA poetry prospect from Lily “Iron Woman” Myers ’15:

This Saturday is WeSlam’s24-hour group slam! 

What does that mean???

All participants will be randomly paired up with another poet at 7:30pm Friday the 27th, in the lounge of SENIOR FAUVER, exactly 24 hrs before the slam begins. You then have the next 24 hours to write a group piece together, to be performed on Saturday night at the slam, in 200 Church at 7:30 pm!
If you’re a seasoned slam veteran you already know how awesome this gets. If you’re looking to dive in, this is the perfect chance to write your first slam using the power of teamwork and to get to know other members of the community.
And that’s not all… The featured poet performing on Saturday will be the legendary HIEU NGUYEN, of Button Poetry fame! His performance is not to be missed!
TO SIGN UP: Show up on Friday at 7:30 in Senior Fauver lounge! You can also ensure you get a spot by emailing weslam.wesleyan[at]gmail[dot]com sometime this week before 5PM Friday the 27th. FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS if you’re not sure about competing!
Date: 2/27
Time: 7:30 Pm
Place: Senior Fauver
Date: 2/28
Time: 7:30 Pm
Place: 200 Church
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