Anti-Occupation Teach In


Talia Kaplan ’18 wants to end the occupation:

Curious about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? Looking for a forum to discuss the issues? Come to a teach-in intended to be a space for education, discussion, and respectful engagement about ending the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. Topics include Israeli and Palestinian Histories, Settlements, Israeli Apartheid?, Jewish and Palestinian Peoplehood, Israeli Elections, and Two States for Two Peoples. Come and go as you’d like. No prior knowledge required. Brought to you by Wesleyan J Street U.

Date: Saturday, February 28th
Time: 11:00AM-2:00 PM
Place: Usdan Couches

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One thought on “Anti-Occupation Teach In

  1. Teach-In

    Sessions will be running from 11-2 on a variety of topics. Programming and start times are listed below, but please feel free to come and go at any time!

    11:00 Settlements
    11:00 The Creation of Israel/Nakbah: Parallel Narratives
    12:00 Israeli Elections
    12:00 Why Two States?/Peoplehood
    1:00 Is Israel an Apartheid state?

    1:30 What is J Street U?

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