Orchestra Continues to Push Boundaries, Collaborates with Feline

CATcerto_eventWesleyan has long been known for its experimental music, most notably through our affliation with John Cage. This Saturday, the University Orchestra, under the direction of Nadya Potemkina, continued this trend with an inter-species piece, “CATcerto.”

“CATcerto,” originally by Lithuanian composer Mindaugas Piecaitis, features Nora the Piano Cat™ and orchestra, and was performed alongside Modest Mussorgsky’s “Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks” and a suite from Up to great acclaim, judging by the shouting, dancing, and occasionally crying children in the audience. After the concert, children were invited to meet Mike the Balloon Man. One happy audience member proudly showed me his balloon monkey on his way to the parking lot.

If you missed the show (and boy, did you miss a show), here’s the original performance of CATcerto for your viewing pleasure:

And if you’re eager to explore your newfound love of CATssical music (i’m sorry…), enjoy!

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