Vigilante Margarita/Bernd Klug/James Strong

11021455_734389261206_1614464370501490656_oA last minute request from Ben Zucker ’15:

EMG (experimental music group) presents
the first EMG show of the year! ?

Vigilante Margarita  The Buenos Aires based trio, Vigilante Margarita is landing in the US for the first time to do a tour in NY and surroundings. VM is: Cecilia Grammatico (drums, samplers), Guillermina Etkin (voice, piano) and Cecilia Lopez (voice, synthesizer). Vigilante Margarita is a Buenos Aires based trio of indie/experimental rock. 

Bernd Klug
Klug incorporates local police transmissions, his recording device’s CPU, his wireless LAN router, a conversation in front of his window, his neighbor’s Mexican music, sonifications of a sat- ellite dish, data from his US visa application from Austria as “an artist of extraordinary ability”, and other sound sources into his entirely organic double bass (and electric bass on the first track) playing. The end results are hybrid compositions that tell stories about the people and things that surround him, while exploring and mapping the physical world of the bass itself Wadsworth Strong
Storyteller / Improviser / Too Humble Instrument Builder. Strong plays the “dads”, a family of plywood piano wire instruments that combine techniques of friction and plucking with unconventional amplification to form the bedrock for intimate exploration. You really should listen to In the Merops Sally it’s probably the best thing you’ll hear today

Date: March 4, 2015
Time: 8:30 PM
Place: Memorial Chapel
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