Weekend of Workshops with WesBAM! ft. Renee and Shira


From Katie McLaughlin ’15:

Grab your yoga and cardio clothes and join us for a fun-filled weekend of workshops, classes and alumni as Shira Engel ’14 and Renee Dunn ’14 – co-founders of WesBAM! – are returning home. There’s a lot of stuff going on: Shira and Renee are co-teaching Founder’s Flow, Shira is teaching two yoga classes and Renee is teaching a yoga class and a fusion cardio kickboxing/total body conditioning class. AND GUESS WHAT?! It’s all FREE! A complete lineup and description of events are posted below! Class descriptions are after the jump.

THURSDAY — March 26th
4:30-5:30 Flow Fierce w/ Guest Yoga Teacher Shira Engel ’14,
Fayerweather Dance Room

FRIDAY — March 27th
11:00-12:30 Shira’s Home Yoga Practice Workshop, Fayerweather Dance

SATURDAY — March 28th
11:00-1:00 WesBAM! Founder’s Flow with Shira and Renee, Fayerweather
Dance Room
5:00-6:00 Wellness Beyond Wes, Fayerweather Dance Room

SUNDAY — March 29th
11:00-12:00 Total Body Conditioning and CardioKickboxing FUSION,
Fayerweather Dance Room
4:00-5:00 Power Yoga w/ Guest Yoga Teacher Renee Dunn ’14,
Fayerweather Theater Room

Date: Thursday, March 26 – Sunday, March 29, 2015
Place: Fayerweather
Cost: FREE!

Flow Fierce w/Guest Yoga Teacher Shira Engel ’14
In this first class during WesBAM! co-founder Shira’s return to Wes,
we will flow bravely and fiercely through our practices in ways that
nourish that college student sense of wholeness in the midst of chaos.
The yoga practice is an ACTIVE one and in this hour-long FREE class,
we’ll flow through a vinyasa yoga class full of arm balances,
inversions and – bottom line – JOY. This class is open to ALL levels.
Hope to see you on the mat!

Shira’s Home Yoga Practice Workshop
Create your own yoga practice or reinvigorate your already-existing
one with Shira Engel ’14 and co-founder of WesBAM! This 90-minute
workshop will give you all the tools you need to sequence your own
hOMe practice. This will still be a fierce + flowing class, but it
will incorporate tips on how to do it yourself! Oh, and it’s
FREEEEEEEE (but copies of Yoga U: The College Student’s Tools for
Balanced Living will be on sale if you so desire).

WesBAM! Founder’s Flow w/ Guest Teachers Shira and Renee
WesBAM! Founders, Renee Dunn, ’14 and Shira Engel, ’14, are teaming up
for a skill sharing workshop. The class will feature 30 minutes of
conditioning and CardioKickboxing followed by 30 minutes of fierce
flow vinyasa yoga, wrapping things up with an extended savasana. Come
celebrate the community we have created, and take part in this sweaty
party! All levels are welcome. Come one, come all!

Wellness Beyond Wes
Want to know more about careers in wellness and how to maintain
involvement in the wellness industry even if that’s not your main
field? Want to know how the skills that we’ve acquired as wellness
instructors/WesBAM! managers and how we are able to transfer those to
other areas? Are you new to wellness, but want to get
involved/certified? Than come check out Wellness Beyond Wes, a Panel
with Shira and Renee.

Total Body Conditioning and CardioKickboxing FUSION w/ Guest Teacher
Renee Dunn ’14
Join in for a fun yet challenging total body workout, that
incorporates fundamental kickboxing choreography and circuit training.
You will kick, punch, squat, push-up, and burpee your way through this
hour long class set to awesome music. All levels are encouraged and
welcome, and modifications will be provided throughout. Prepare to
sweat and have a blast!

Power Yoga w/ Guest Teacher Renee Dunn ’14
This powerful flow is rooted in Baron Baptiste’s Journey into Power
sequencing, perfect for all levels. Typically a heated practice, the
Baptiste methodology works alignment within flow for a deeply physical
and spiritual practice. Prepare to sweat, move, breathe, and exceed

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