Apply to Waste Not!

dI4rT0WFrom Ari Lewenstein ’16 and Michael Ortiz ’16:

Already too excited about senior week to start studying for midterms? Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of garage sales, tag sales and all things secondhand? What if we told you about a way to combine your passions? Look no further than Waste Not!

Waste Not is Wesleyan’s student-organized answer to the spring semester student evacuation. It is run and maintained entirely through the commitment of the Wesleyan community, and truly exemplifies the incredible power of reuse. Volunteers will help facilitate donation collection in preparation for the Fall Tag Sale. Volunteers will be required to stay until Wednesday May 27, or risk losing free housing.

Apply here! Applications will be accepted until April 12th.

Application Deadline: Sunday, April 12
Place: Everywhere!
Cost: Free!

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