Take the Survey on Sexual Assault Climate at Wes

unnamed-45You probably got a “Sexual Assault Climate Survey” in your inbox yesterday from Director of Institutional Research, Michael Whitcomb. It’s an especially important one which is why I’m actually posting about it on Wesleying. The results of the survey will inform the university with “real data” and hopefully make some positive change with sexual assault policy.

From Michael Whitcomb, who is so serious about you taking the survey that he was walking around Usdan brunch on Sunday very politely asking you to do so:

It is imperative that we hear from as many students as possible. We will be unable to use the results of this survey should we fail to obtain an adequate rate of overall participation -30% as an absolute minimum- or should patterns of non-response be non-random. That is, we cannot share results that do not reflect the widespread participation across the university. This is where you come in: more respondents create better data which will allow Wesleyan to act with confidence. It all starts with you.

Your unique survey link is in the email “Sexual Assault Climate — ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS.” If you have questions about the survey, you can contact Michael Whitcomb at mwhitcomb[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

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