Apply to be an Academic Peer Advisor!

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From Veronica Birdsall ’15:

Are you gifted at prereg, a wiz at time management, and/or rife with organizational skills you want to share with the world?? Do you want move in early next semester and make mad bill$ on a flexible schedule?

Apply to be a Peer Advisor! You will have the opportunity to be an academic resource to other students while honing your own skills!

Rising juniors and seniors can apply to be full-year Academic Peer Advisors, and anyone can apply to be a Peer Advisor during New Student Orientation!

Both applications can be found HERE.

The application deadline is April 6th at 5pm. Email Dean Laura Patey at lpatey[at]wesleyan[dot]edu with any questions!

Application Deadline: Monday, April 6 by 5 PM

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