Trinity Yaks on Wesleyan


A common trend on Wesleyan’s YikYak is making fun of our sort-of rival, Trinity College. These usually range from the mild jokes about the academics of the school (“Went swimming, got an oceanography degree from Trinity”) to sports rivalries (that is, when Wes students actually pay attention to sports). This got me thinking — what does Trinity say about us? So, I took a lesson out of the guidebook of Rolling Stone and I did all my reporting via YikYak ‘peeks.’ Below are the results of months of painstaking investigative journalism.IMG_5479 Like we would even want to work for your fathers company… unless he runs a non-profit, because then we’d be totally into that.


So glad I caught this one before the last comment got voted off
IMG_5486 Hey, Wesleyan is the Harvard of central Connecticut! IMG_5487Good one.
IMG_5481Some dissenters within their ranks (comment number 3). C’mon Trinity, you’d be a much better place if you didn’t give a shit.IMG_5480*hipsters not hippies. Geez, get with it.

However, with all the shit we give Trinity, their YikYak when Wes students were in the hospital was truly heartwarming. IMG_5492

So there you have it, this stupid rivalry has caused even-more-stupid YikYaks.

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