Submit to the Subway Ride!

iw90rvzedqb8nak_710From Haenah Kwon ’17:

Do you identify as a human? Do you have artistic, literary, or other printable forms expression that you would like to share? Don’t consider yourself as an artist or a writer or too scared/shy to submit to established art magazines? We want all of YOU to submit to The Subway Ride — a magazine with an accompanying blog that showcases any printable human expression!

– Any forms of expression welcome, including but not limited to: drawings, poems, essays, interviews, photographs, overheard conversations, existential questions, and non-existential questions.
– The suggested theme is TERMINAL (open to interpretation), although we are open to submissions not related to the theme.
– Anonymous submissions welcomed.
– Submissions from non-Wesleyan students also welcomed.
– Submission deadline: April 16th, Thursday.

Send submissions or questions to thesubwayride[at]gmail[dot]com.

Submission Deadline: Thursday, April 16

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