THESISCRAZY 2015: It’s Over, Let’s Get Drunk

2015-04-10 15.59.00Theses are over, and (most) everyone is pumped. In true Wesleyan tradition, thesis writers (and many many others) gathered on the steps of Olin this afternoon to celebrate the 4 P.M. deadline with copious drinking, delirious hugging, and a rendition of the fight song. The festivities began a few minutes early with Virgil Taylor ’15 toasting his classmates with a joyous “Fuck all of you!” before popping his champagne. For many thesis writers, today was preceded by long stretched devoid of sleeping, eating and/or showering, which might explain everyone eagerness to soak both their insides and outsides with champagne.

To all thesis writers, congratulations!

Look after the jump for pictures of the celebrations!

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