T-pain Will Perform during Senior Week

Senior week, a time for major debauchery and self-reflection, will be enhanced this year by T-pain, the background music to many of our first handjobs.

The senior class got a survey a couple weeks ago asking for senior week performer preferences. According to Jenna Starr ’15, the senior class council president, T-pain came in first with Charlie XCX second out of 650 responses. The show is on May 21st at 7 pm at the Webster Theater in Hartford (in a private room rented out for 1250 people–probably will avoid the big Wesleyan concert debacles of the past). There’s FREE CHIPOTLE! Also buses to take people to Hartford. This isn’t quite senior cocktails (R.I.P.) but T-pain will probably play “Bartender.”

More info from Starr about who can attend the show:

Non-Seniors can attend as a guest, but there is a max number of guests that can attend. Elisa Cardona of SALD said that number is 30, but we are going to see if we could raise it a little (because a lot of people have asked me if they could go!) In order to go as a non-Senior, you need to 1) be over 21, 2) have a Senior to bring you as their guest 3) Already be on campus legally. Like, you can’t just come back for this concert. Also, students from other schools can go if they fit those first 2 criteria.

Tickets for T-pain will probably be sold this week (seniors will get an email soon). The concert is $40 but seniors can get a “bundle” ticket for both the concert and the outing day on May 19th for $65. Guest tickets are $45.

Other upcoming senior events include:

  • a brewery tour this Friday that’s already sold out
  • a baby animal petting zoo in the Usdan courtyard on April 27th from 12-2 pm. It’s free for the seniors.
  • a semiformal on April 29th from 8-10 pm in Beckham with wine and cheese
  • an Outing Day on May 19th in High Meadows, with horses, a pool, all-you-can-eat food, a rock climbing wall, mini golf, basketball, volleyball, and other outside activities. Outing Day tickets are $30.
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3 thoughts on “T-pain Will Perform during Senior Week

  1. What

    This is really so stupid. First of all, T-Pain is not that good live. Second of all, 40 $ to drive all the way to Hartford? No thanks. Lastly, only 30 guests…guys this is just a waste of everyone’s time and money
    Oh, and no Waka Flocka?
    who the fuck would rather see T-Pain over Waka Flocka

    1. lol

      pretty sure that there are going to be free buses to take us to hartford so you don’t have to drive there. also, there’s gonna be fucking free chipotle.

      calm down, dude.

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