Catherine Chase ’15 writes in:

It’s WesFest, which means it’s time for the Homerathon!

Classical Studies majors and students come together for a reading of one of Homer’s epics. This year’s reading is the Iliad. After a day of reading the Iliad, all are welcome for a reception in Downey House.

This is going to be an EPIC day, but in order to make it as awesome as possible we need your help! Please click the link to sign up for a 15 minute slot of reading the Iliad out loud from a book! The reading will happen from 9:00am-8:00pm, so sign up any time in-between!

Don’t want to read? That’s fine! Please come and support your fellow students by donating your time and listening to The Iliad being read as it was meant to be- out loud!

Thursday, April 16th:

9:00-10:30 – Pi Cafe
10:30-12:00 – College Row, outside of North College
12:00-2:00 – On Andrus Field outside of Usdan
2:00-4:00 – On the steps outside of Olin Library
4:00-6:00 – On the platform on the Andrus Field side of Olin
6:00-End – Downey House

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