From Raechel Rosen ’15:

In 2047, once Fountain’s final party has commenced, turn the corner 3 times to a speakeasy called LODIA. All your dreams will come true as we, the band and DJ fight over you. 12 songs. 6 genres. It’s a popera party. Come dance for BOB & hunt a witch.

(This is Raechel Rosen’s senior recital!)

PERFORMANCES: April 16-18 8 pm
Get your (FREE) tickets in downstairs Usdan (tables) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11-1pm. It’s a super small space so get your tix early!

THE TEAM: Raechel Rosen: Writer, Composer, Director
Chloe Murtagh: Director
Tess Altman: Stage Manager, Photographer
Mikah Feldman-stein: Electronic Instrumental Composition, Sound
Design, DJ
Rick H. Manayan: Choreographer
Sophie Sokolov: Costume Designer
Isabel Zazie Alter: Props
Emily Feher: Makeup Design
Ike Pollan- Graphic Design
Ben Zucker: Musical Consulting

Kimora Brock
Katie Solomon
Matthew Hixon
Andrew Hove
Raechel Jae Rosen
Hibiki Mizuno
Rachie Weisberg
Becca Wilton
Alice Markham-Cantor
Jessica Wolinsky
Justin Greene
JJ Mitchell
Annie Maxwell
Luca Ameri
Isaac Pollan
Tal Levran

Becky Zegans
Leo R Grossman
Gaby Gingola
Ryan Breen
Nate Ko

Art by: Tess Altman, Kaitlin Chan, Heather Whittemore, Aidan Bardos, Karmenife Gomez-Paulino, Mira Klein, Denisse Reyes, Miles Cornwall, Raechel Rosen, Becca Wilton, Gari Francois, Isaac Pollan, Sophie Massey, JJ Mitchell, Aaron Plave


Date: Thurs, April 16
Time: 8 pm
Place: BuHo

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