Submit to the Sloth!

From Lizzie Shackney ’17:

A three-toed tree sloth hangs from the trunk of a tree in the jungle on the bank of the Panama Canal

The Sloth [a space for storytelling centered on a specific theme; based off of another group that won’t let us use its name] is back, and we’re looking for submissions for a show this Friday, April 24th at 8 pm (location TBD). The theme is: Strange(rs). Whether it’s strange or it involves strangers, we want to hear the stories you have to tell. Submit by midnight on Wednesday, April 22nd; lineup will be announced on Thursday, April 23rd. Send a short proposal (200 words or less) to, and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Date of Event: Friday, April 24th
Time: 8pm
Place: TBD

Deadline for Submission: Wednesday, April 22nd
Time: midnight

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