Queer / Art / Poetics

10393791_10103751468593669_538286171258535590_nThis series of events promises to remake your world. I would especially recommend every single thing taking place in the conference, but particularly Professor Crosby’s talk on Saturday. For more information, you’ll find it breaking from the poet-theorist-professor who rides the break (beat, line, etc) Rachel Ellis Neyra:

The Queer/ Art/ Poetics Conference is going to be an Event from the 23-25 of April. Which is to say, it is a multiple: five panels of generative thinking about aesthetics and politics; a musical performance; a reading from a memoir. Please see the links below for specifics about the different performative parts of this intellectual scene of world-making where tender and sharp critique, rigor and style will come together, and break apart. Please remember, though, that liveness is where it’s at, so those words will not capture… After the screening of The Punk Singer last November, when Professor Brewer Ball said that she wanted her scholarship to feel like a feminist and queer party where inky zines, funk and punk sounds, and an ethics-of-self-for-others abound, that was the preamble to this. We have put our queer shoulders to the wheel. It’s time to get down with scholars flying and riding in from all over, to continue making of Wesleyan a ground to think as an undercommons, to look for paranormal sightings, listen for extraterrestrial soundings. Calling on Whitney Houston, Azealia Banks, George Clinton: “Do I frighten you?” We hope so. Do dare to join, to listen with care. — Rachel Ellis Neyra, Katherine Brewer Ball, Roy Pérez, and the Sexual Politics/Sexual Poetics Collective

For more information:

The QAP conference schedule // M. Lamar’s performance Thursday night // Christina Crosby’s reading on Saturday to close the conference // Facebook Link

Date / (Queer)Time: April 23rd-25th and please refer to the schedule

Place: Beckham Hall // Vanguard Lounge

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