Think Out Loud

From Becca Seidel’15 & Danielle Pruitt ’15:

 Ideas never stop brewing under Wesleyan’s surface. In carrels, on stages, and around the world,students are constantly creating new things and re-conceptualizing the world. But rarely as students do we get the opportunity to showcase the journeys we take to get to these moments of creativity and clarity.

Think Out Loud is a platform for students to showcase projects they are passionate about or ideas they are pursuing. For one hour on Friday, April 24th @ the DFC seven Wesleyan students will take the stage. Think TED Talks, but more interactive. Check out the line up after the jump.  Light reception to follow the show!

Hosted by Kimora Brock!

THE PRESENTATIONS (in no particular order):

Potlux: The Collegiate Sustainability Initiatives Network
by Brent Packer and Jared Geilich
Potlux is on track to be the first online community where collegiate sustainability initiatives are effectively aggregated and shared. The potential for this platform is huge: facilitating best practice movements across the college network, inspiring new ideas, building intercollegiate collaboration, and catalyzing project funding.

Sex in Seventeen: Why Promotional is Not Positive
by Gwen Rosen
In her senior project, “Sex Education in Seventeen Magazine: A Historical Analysis,” Gwen found that the sex education articles have evolved from sex negative to sex promotional in the past 40 years. She argues that sex positive sex education for teens has the potential to begin a cultural moment in which sex is experienced safely (both physically and emotionally), and without shame.

Innovation through Design Thinking
by Mia Deng, Shirley Fang, and Mika Reyes
As an extension of their current student forum, this group hopes to create an action-oriented think tank initiative that centers on the philosophy of Human-Centered Design. They hope to create a space for makers and designers from numerous backgrounds to collaborate on implementable & sustainable projects that impact local communities. They envision a synergy of action-oriented thinkers and designers engaged in critical consciousness, creative problem solving, sustainable innovation and social impact.

Globalizing Chinese Hip Hop: Creating Cross-Cultural Socio-Political Rap Music
by David Stouck
David produced a Chinese Hip Hop album that addresses important social issues in contemporary China for his senior thesis project in order to demonstrate the potential impact of socio-political rap music, as well as discover overlapping tastes between the US and Chinese modern music markets. David’s interest in each of these subjects was originally inspired by his time studying abroad, but has since crystallized into a personal passion for and academic interest in creating cross-cultural socio-political rap music. In this presentation, he will explain his research and creative methodology and walk the audience through one of the songs on his senior thesis album.

The Power of Creative Collaboration
by Jacob Sussman, Sarah Wax, Youri Rebeko, and Lorenza Stahl
Jacob helps to run the Wesleyan Film Project, a student organization which supports filmmaking on campus. He and the other presenters will talk about the process of making “Lloyd”, a Wesleyan Film Project production which features a fantastical genre-bending narrative.

Food Consciousness: Reconnecting to the Roots of Our Food
by Jaxie Friedman
Jaxie’s presentation consists of an experiential mindfulness exercise that aims to reconnect us with our food to see all the human and environmental entities it bonds us to as well as how meaningful it can be when we let ourselves truly be conscious of the food we are consuming.

Culture in a Box
by Ismael Coleman
Ismael will discuss the cultural and economic influence of America on the rest of the world, its connection with imperialism and effects on cultures around the globe.

Date: Friday, April 24th
Time: 7:00PM – 8:00PM
Place: Daniel Family Commons (DFC, 3rd fl Usdan)

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