The Big Draw: Middletown


The Big Draw is back! An invitation from the Friends of the Davison Art Center:

This interactive day invites the community to celebrate drawing in all its forms with workshops for people of all skill levels, from beginners to accomplished artists.  The event is organized to encourage creativity, exploration, invention and fun with activities that break down the “I can’t draw” mindset and celebrate the visual arts.  The event is free and open to the public: adults, students, and children ages five and up.

Click after the jump for a full list of workshops, including a Model Marathon, Sumi-e ink drawing, face painting, zine making, and more. Also check out the program and FB page.

Date: Saturday, April 25
Time: 1:00 – 4:00 PM
Place: Beckham Hall, Art Workshops, Davison Art Center, and CFA Green

1. Model Marathon
Drawing the nude model. (Parental permission required for those under 18.)
Location: Drawing Studio (Center for the Arts Art Workshops room 105)

2. Still-Life and the Natural World
Study the natural world with an exciting array of objects including shells, taxidermied animals, skulls, etc. in an elaborate still life.
Location: Beckham Hall, upstairs at Fayerweather

3. Movement and Drawing
Participants will create drawings through exercises that use making marks through movement as the subject matter with live music accompaniment. Try using your arm as a compass, or creating lines by walking and dragging charcoal behind you. Good for all ages. Get ready to be experimental!
Location: Big Draw Tent, Center For the Arts Green

4. ‘Sumi-e’ Ink Drawing
Introduction to Japanese traditional sumi-e drawing with ink. Taught by Keiji Shinohara.
Location: Beckham Hall, upstairs at Fayerweather. Limited to 18 participants at a time.

5. Fragments from the Davison Art Center
Make your own masterpiece inspired by the Davison Art Center collection. Paper will be distributed with a fragment of an image sampled from a DAC print—then you “fill in the print” with drawing.
Location: Davison Art Center Courtyard (Rain site: Alsop House rooms)

6. Telling Drawn Stories
Try your hand at comics, illustration, zines, and the art of telling stories in sequence.
Location: Beckham Hall, upstairs at Fayerweather

7. Face Painting
Participants will design drawings that will then be painted onto their faces by Wesleyan art students.
Location: Beckham Hall, upstairs at Fayerweather

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