Is Progressive Zionism Possible? A Conversation with Maya Haber and Professor Zachary Lockman

From Ella Israeli ’17:

If you are thinking any of the following things:

Zionism can NOT be progressive.
Of course Zionism is progressive!
I’m not sure if Zionism can be progressive.
WTF is Zionism?!
I don’t care about Zionism but everybody talks about it so I should
probably jump on this band wagon.
OR anything in between-

Join us in an exploration of the idea of progressive Zionism through a moderated discussion with Professor Zachary Lockman, a Middle Eastern Studies expert from NYU, and Maya Haber, the Director of Programming and Development at Partners for Progressive Israel. Our very own Professor Magda Teter, chair of the History Department and Jewish studies expert, will moderate.

Date: Wed, April 29
Time: 8 PM
Place: Allbritton 311
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