exHOTic other

10424312_10204011261777077_8164664536049362324_nA cool thing this Friday:

taking on the world and taking off her clothes! full-bodied autobiographical story-telling.

written and performed by Una Aya Osato (’06 alum!!!)
directed by Dawn Crandell
stage managed and featuring Michi Ilona Osato

How many layers must you lose to get to the center of yourself?

exHOTic other weaves together the threads of the political and personal. This autobiographical tale literally strips away the pieces of ones self to reveal and share universal pain, love, and laughter.

Through the use of storytelling and burlesque this show engages audiences in unexpected ways. Una’s use of burlesque harks back to its origins as a satirical art form making political commentary. The show explores Una’s life as a queer Japanese Jewish American woman, born and raised in NYC, from a working class family as they transition to the middle class.

Date: Friday, May 1
Time: 7:30-9 PM
Place: World Music Hall

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