Gabe Frankel ’15 writes in about the first ever Wesleyan Symposium!!

Symposium is an interdisciplinary critique, which:    11146386_10205170523320168_1040507202632299425_o
– Prompts the exchange of ideas & methods of inquiry between students & faculty across the curriculum,
– Stimulates creativity & innovation,
– Serves as a platform for juniors to develop senior research topics.

Why Risk?

Notions of vulnerability, security, and susceptibility are central to the ways we think and avenues of inquiry. “Risk” can apply to
issues of statistical probability, genetic citizenship and
responsibility, immigration and the precarity of citizenship, or
climate change. We are eager to engage in an interdisciplinary
conversation that honors these dimensions and complexities from many
different vantage points and on a variety of scales.

The idea is that participants will attend both sessions: lunch and
dinner (catered by Udupi!) If this is not possible for you, that is
fine, just let me know if you have not already.

Student speakers include Mary Chalino ’15, Hazem Fazhy ’17, Ben Zucker ’15, Kate Cullen ’16, Paulina Jones-Torregrosa ’15, and Jill Ji’en Tan ’15. Faculty speakers include Prof. Gloster Aaron, Prof. Brian Stewart, and Antonio Farias. Moderators include Nayan Ghosh ’15, Prof. Jennifer Tucker, and Prof. Stephen Angle. 

**** To register, email Gabe Frankel (gfrankel[at]wesleyan[dot]edu). *****

Date: Saturday, May 2
Time: Session 1: 11 to 1 PM, Session 2: 5 to 8 PM
Place: Usdan 108, Downey House Lounge
Face: book

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