May Tipbox Roundup


Over time, our Tipbox fills up with lots of random website recommendations, music from alumni and other miscellaneous things that we can’t always get to right away. But we promise, we hear you. As pre-finals procrastination sets in (and in preparation for our biennial Procrastination Destination series), we put together a post of some recent Tipbox submissions for you to check out and add to your list of things you’re doing instead of studying.

If you have inside knowledge, consider submitting us some tips!


Roth being Roth 


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New album from E. Oks (Evan Okun ’13)

Last month, E. Oks (Evan Okun ’13)  released his newest album, “Well Lit LP.”  It features a variety of Wesleyan artists including Jess Best ’14, JJ Mitchell ’15, Cherkira Lashley ’15Myles Potters ’12, and David Stouck ’15.  The album posits that we all dropletted into existence from a cloud of infinite light. The seven track tape explores the way this light bends into each of the seven Chakras. Seven colors of the rainbow. Seven notes in a scale. Mmmmmmm.


Overcoats dropped their second single last week!

Overcoats, one of the newest bands in the Wes music scene, just dropped their second single. Overcoats is Wesleyan duo Hana Elion ’15 and JJ Mitchell ’15. The track was recorded in Wesleyan’s own Red Feather Studios. Take a listen!


Haley Sacks ’13 tries to go viral 

This is the tip we got from her: “My name is Haley Sacks but on Twitter and Instagram I go by @Holisox. I graduated in 2013 and am now in NYC making comedy videos on YouTube and doing standup! My number one goal in life (besides to get married) is to go viral and honestly this vid might be the one!”


Tip (random unsubstantiated heads-up?) about Summies overcharging scandal

“I think Summies text-to-order is actually overcharging students 2.10 points instead of 0.60 points for ordinary menu items without an extra side or toppings. I was looking at my WesCard history and saw all these 2.10 point charges from Summies on days where I just ordered a normal salad.”- Anonymous, April 5th, 2015.

We can neither confirm nor deny this. If you have any more info.. send us.. a tip?


Dema Fofang ’13 and band Wet Leather release music video

Formed in 2014, Wet Leather’s initial DIY bedroom recordings offer big, generous pop hooks and dork-funk grooves with a homespun aesthetic. Live, the band shrugs off lo-fi charm in favor of loud, frenetic energy. Impassioned, frantic vocals slip without warning into silky falsetto, post-punk guitars scratch and wail, big 80’s synth lines will stick in your craw, and thumping bass grooves with pummeling drums provoke involuntary dancing. Their upcoming full-length captures that sound and reckless energy.


College Funk (“Uptown Funk” Parody Wesleyan Edition)

Don’t know how I feel about this yet.

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  1. summies4lyfe

    as a summies worker, i can confirm that the to go container charge is definitely 0.60. but summies does pull some bullshit with what they charge you for and my advice is to make sure you know what you’re paying for. if you add chicken or tofu or falafel to a salad that doesn’t have it, you’ll get charged two points (even though the salads that come with chicken cost the same as those that don’t). there are also some sides that used to be free that are now two points, including onion rings, fruit/vegetable cups, and some others idr. sides are never free at lunch except that burgers/chicken things come with fries. i sometimes “forget” to charge people for this kind of thing when i’m working the texting counter and no one’s looking, but most workers will charge you. i really recommend getting an eco to go container, it saves you a lot!!!

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