Procrastination Destination: Where the Hell Am I?

from Yanko Tsvetkov's Atlas of Prejudice

from Yanko Tsvetkov’s Atlas of Prejudice

Here at Wesleying we’re so fucked for finals that we haven’t even been keeping up with our procrastination. If you’re like me, all you really need to procrastinate is a floor to sit on and the ability to stare into space. If not, I’ve got you covered. I’ve long been a fan of geography, ever since I learned that the maps in the back of middle school planners were an excellent way to not pay attention in class. The internet, however, has brought geography-fueled procrastination to new heights. Read past the break for lots of fun geography-related ways to screw yourself over.

this image's title was "funny goat puts out its tongue"

this image’s title was “funny goat puts out its tongue”

Sporcle Quizzes: The quintessential geography procrastination, which will bring you back to Sporcle’s heyday in early high school. My favorite quizzes are the world ____ population/production ones, where you have to figure out the countries that have the most goats, produce the most plums, or drink the most coffee.

GeoGuessr: I haven’t played GeoGuessr, but my friend highly recommended it right before spilling coffee all over hirself so. Make of that what you will. The game drops you somewhere in GoogleMaps and you can explore until you guess where you are. You can play alone, or against friends.

world-according-to-us-republicansMapping Stereotypes: This project by Yanko Tsvetkov visually depicts biases about various places.

This content aggregate list is kind of fun.

MicroWiki: Micronations are (in my opinion) kind of crazy and fascinating. They’re “political entities that intend to replace, resemble, mock, or exist on equal footing with a recognized and/or sovereign state” and they seem to be mostly founded by libertarian men. Figures.

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