May Tipbox Roundup: Part Two


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Thanks to our first Tipbox Roundup post at the beginning of this month, we’ve been getting a lot more emails telling us what you’ve been doing! That is cool of you. In the hopes that this series will continue, here is a post to kick us into summer, featuring news about alumni, things alumni might need this summer, senior week, music, and some other stuff, too.

If you want us to be able to reply directly to your tips (if you think we might have replied to your tip, look in the shoutbox to the right!), send us an email at staff[at]wesleying[dot]org. Otherwise, use the form for any juicy anonymous knowledge you may have.

Matan Koplin-Green ’15 AKA Betty releases a new track, will open for T-Pain at the Senior Concert

This is one of Betty’s newest songs, a mashup of “Seen This All Before” by the Double Twins (of whom Matan K-G is also a part) and “Ms. Jackson” by Outkast. Check the rest of Betty’s stuff on Soundcloud. He’ll also be opening at the Senior Concert on May 21. Sounds fun!


Colin Small ’11 publishes a novella

This is a bit more of a promo, maybe? But we like supporting our alumni friends. Here’s what he sent us:

BEAUTY crowds me till I die,
Beauty, mercy have on me!
But if I expire today,
Let it be in sight of thee

-Emily Dickinson

Over the course of the summer of 2013 Colin Small ’11 wrote a novella called Distraction. Now you can get it to read on your phone or kindle for a dollar. A short family drama about a widowed man and his daughter, Distraction is a story about the feeling of obligation and the confusion of free time.

It’s true, it’s 99 cents!


Wesleyan gets into the Fringe (and needs your help!)

Sarah Esocoff ’15 emailed us with this actually now-urgent message:

This isn’t exactly an event so I thought I’d email to be safe:

Last year Keelin Ryan ’14 and I wrote and produced (through Second Stage) a play called Laugh Track. One year later, almost to the day, this VERY SAME PLAY has been accepted to the NYC International Fringe Festival! We are very excited but also very unprepared, so we wanted to alert the Wes community in case anyone is going to be in NYC this summer and wants to help us out. We are truly winging it and could use any and all advice/hands on deck/etc.

Things we’re looking for:
free rehearsal spaces aka huge apartments
emotional support

Email me (sesocoff@wes) if you’d like to be of #service!!!!!


Jacob Milstein ’09 releases new album, As Free As Wanting Anything

Milstein ’09 was pretty active in the Wesleyan music scene, competing in the First Annual Sophomore Blues Competition in 2007, playing other shows around campus, and releasing music since as early as 2012. This fun post from 2008 has two broken links, one of which is a link to MySpace, because it was 2008. Milstein plays acoustic folk and seems to be currently living and making music in Montana.

As proof of the Wesleyan legacy, tracks 2-4 of his 2012 EP Graduation Music / Circle County were recorded at 35 Fountain in September 2008 and February 2009. The haunting and beautiful As Free As Wanting Anything was released on May 6, 2015. It “is dedicated to the hurt and indebted to Sam.” Only the link to Milstein’s Bandcamp page was dropped in our tipbox, because the music kind of speaks for itself.

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