Film Series: Welcome Back!


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Have you been idling your summer away on your brother’s friend’s mom’s Hulu+ account, wistfully wishing your local cineplex would suddenly decide to show Eraserhead on 35mm? Are you desperate to introduce your new roommate to the magic of neorealism? Do you only watch Tarkovsky films without the subtitiles? (Or are you more of a Michael Bay guy?)

Cinephiles, your dreams are about to come true: the Wesleyan Film Series has returned! Kicking off with Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds on Wednesday, September 9, this year’s opening calendar will not disappoint. From campy comedy (The Princess Bride) and Scorcesian nihilism (Taxi Driver) to silent masters (Modern Times) and Talking Heads (Stop Making Sense), the Film Series has something for everyone. Other highlights include the Hispanic Film Series on Thursday nights, as well as summer megahits Mad Max: Fury Road and Inside Out.

For freshmen, transfers, and those new to the Film Series, here’s a quick rundown: In an age-old Wesleyan tradition, films are screened four nights a week (Wednesday-Saturday) at 8 p.m in the Goldsmith Family Cinema, a glorious cushy-seated theater located in the Center for Film Studies and equipped with 16mm/35mm/70mm, 4K DCP (Digital Cinema Package), and 3D capabilities. Wednesday and Friday screenings cost $5 (payable with cash or your student account); Thursday and Saturday screenings are free. Films are shown on 35mm prints whenever possible.

For more information, look for the full Film Series calendar on our Facebook page or in glossy/tangible paper copies around campus. You can also follow us on Twitter or email us at wesleyanfilmseries[at]gmail[dot]com. See you at the movies!

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