Come Play Frisbee with Throw Culture

From Mira Klein ’17:

What is Throw Culture? Many have asked. All that is certain is that there is frisbee, some silly, and a whole lot of fun. Come hang out with Wesleyan’s coed frisbee team! We do many things included but not limited to: frisbee, wearing jorts, telling childhood stories, and frisbee. No previous experience is required! Look for the people having a blast at the bottom of Foss. Anyone and everyone is welcome! Also feel free to email WesleyanCoEdFrisbee[at]gmail[dot]com for more info.

Date: Thursday, September 10
Time: 4-6 PM
Place: Foss Hill

they sent a fb link but it is broken? you can try anyway, or comment if you have one that’s fixed

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