ESQUE presents Primordial Ooze: Inaugural Angst


Trouve Ivo ’16 writes in:

ESQUE presents Primordial Ooze: Inaugural Angst Special appearances by your favorite WesDemons including Toxic Sludge & Punctual Punani.

This is a casual get together / open mic / collective mourn / group prayer created for your inner Wesleyan super villain’s glam rock persona…DUH! Come and share the feels/nerves/hopes/dangers about being back at skool.

There will be few short performances and a group candle-lit vigil.

Bring a flashlight if you have one!

There will be a more chill, late-night vigil for ppl who wanna just hang in a community space afterwards.

***Non-performers: Create a super DIY (unscripted and unrehearsed) short performance or monologue personifying your Wesleyan nightmares. Profess your wet dreams about Mathew Garret, or getting backed into a corner at pine palace. All mediums welcome. Email slurie(at)wesleyan(dot)edu just to let us know you’re interested!!

Date: Wednesday, September 9th
Time: 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Place: Top of Foss Hill

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