Join the Female Hysterics

Lauren Langer ’16 writes in:

I don’t care that you don’t think you’re funny. I don’t care that you don’t “do comedy”. You ARE, and you DO, now.

The Female Hysterics is an all-female comedy collective. There are no auditions. There are no limits. We will meet twice a week to joke around without shame or embarrassment. We will do stand up, we will write sketches, we will laugh, and we will most importantly, create a safe space for any female-identifying student to try comedy or fail spectacularly.

At the end of each month, we will have put together a performance. And it’s gonna be fucking GOOD. Just trust me on this one.

This can be as low or high commitment as you want (i know we all have commitment issues). You can leave the group whenever. You can join the group whenever. The first meeting will be this Sunday Sept 13th from 2-3 in Fayerweather 106.

Come. Spread the word. You are hysterical. You are crazy. If you can’t make the meeting or have any questions, email Lnlanger[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

Date: Sunday, September 13
Time: 2-3 PM
Place: Fayerweather 106

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