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Word Game Night!

word game night shapiro

From the Shapiro Center:

Classes are up and running again, and luckily so is Word Game Night at the Shapiro Center! Every Monday at 7:00 pm, take a study break and come over to for free snacks, awesome prizes, air conditioning and the chance to take down all your friends in Scrabble, Taboo, or whatever you choose!

Date: Monday, September 14
Time: 7-9 PM
Place: Shapiro Creative Writing Center, 167 High Street

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Wesleyan Fossil Fuel Divest Interest Meeting

fossil fuel divestGabby Resnick ’18 writes in:

hey hey hey!

did you go to the UOC open house and want to learn more about our group? were you curious about the sit-in we held last semester? do you know absolutely nothing about our group but are intrigued by the name?

come one, come all! wesleyan fossil fuel divest is holding our very first meeting (!!!! we’re so freaking excited !!!!) this wednesday at 9:00 in the UOC. we will be going over who we are, what we’re about and what’s in store for the semester. plus, it’ll be FUN!

we want to stress that you don’t need to come in with any knowledge about divestment or climate justice, but if you are super informed, that’s awesome too.

hope to see y’all there! xoxo

Date: Wednesday, September 16
Time: 9-10 PM
Place: University Organizing Center (UOC)

First!!! Westco Open Mic


PSA from Josh Davidoff ’18 and Will Barr ’18:

Come over to the West College Cafeteria this Wednesday for a buffet of
all things performative (legit all things). Also come perform! Sign
ups at 8:30pm sharp; show at 9pm.

(we’ve pushed everything back by a half hour in case you want to catch
the beginning of the State of the School by President Roth)

For any new souls, we limit sets to 5 minutes, just to ensure that we
can showcase as many acts as possible. Performers: you can do
ANYthing. Music, poetry, comedy, monologues, rants, ants, pants.
Someone came and did some contact juggling one time and it was sick.
Sometimes cool people with cool instruments jam afterwards.

Date: Wednesday, September 16th
Time: 8:30 PM-10:30 PM
Place: WestCo Cafe
Cost: Your beautiful presence

“R. Luke Dubois—In Real Time” Opening Reception and Exhibition

luke dubois

R. Luke DuBois, “Hindsight is Always 20/20,” 2008, set of 43 letterpress prints, 41 eye charts, 1 title, 1 synopsis; each print: 21.25 x 28.25 inches

The newest Zilkha exhibit in the CFA:

Genre-defying composer, artist, and performer R. Luke DuBois utilizes data to create maps, scores, and videos that explore subjects including the Iraq War and the census; and that raise questions of artistic agency, privacy, and fair use. Organized as a database of his projects and concerns, the exhibition “R. Luke DuBois: In Real Time” is the first major gallery presentation of his work, and will include recent and commissioned pieces that take as their basis real-time data flows, topical statistics, and contemporary media footage.

Date: Wednesday, September 16
Time: 5:30-6:30 PM
PlaceEzra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery, Main Gallery, 283 Washington Terrace
CFA link: here.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, Noon-5pm
Dates Open: Wednesday, September 16 through Sunday, December 13
Dates Closed: Wednesday, November 25 through Monday, November 30, 2015

Artist Talk—R. Luke DuBois

luke duboisFrom the CFA, complement to the exhibition in the Zilkha Gallery:

Genre-defying composer, artist, and performer R. Luke DuBois discusses “In Real Time,” the first major gallery presentation of his work, which includes recent and commissioned pieces that take as their basis real-time data flows, topical statistics, and contemporary media footage. The talk will be followed by an opening reception from 5:30pm to 6:30pm in Zilkha Gallery.

Date: Wednesday, September 16
Time: 4:30-6 PM
Place: CFA Hall, 287 Washington Terrace
CFA link: here.

Got a Question for President Roth?

michael roth

Hey. Are you going to the first State of the School this Wednesday from 8-9:30 PM? Do you have a question, or multiple questions, for Pres. Michael Roth about this here university?

The Wesleyan Student Assembly asked us to help out with President Roth’s first address to the student body, which means that we’re taking your questions! During the Q&A section of the address, moderators from The Ankh, The Argus, and the WSA be asking some previously submitted questions from all of you and I’ll be liveblogging the event.

If you have any questions in real time, the WSA will be monitoring their twitter (@wsanews) for questions to pass up to the mods. (I’ll also be monitoring our twitter (@wesleying), but not that much.) Likewise, during the address, there will be paper for you to write any questions you may have. Bring your laptop or your phone or a writing utensil!

To submit your question(s), please use this Google form! If for some reason that’s not working, send it/them in to us using our tipbox form or email us at staff[at]wesleying[dot]org. Questions are due by 4 PM on Wednesday.