Batman & Robin Table Read

batman robinFrom Will McGhee ’17:

“In this universe there’s only one absolute…EVERYTHING FREEZES!”

The culmination of cinematic achievement is upon us. Witness a project twenty years in the making. Experience Gotham like you never have before during a staged reading of the script by Academy Award-winning Akiva Goldsman: “BATMAN & ROBIN.” Come witness a reenactment of the 1997 film originally starring George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Uma Thurman.

Actors from across campus have been assembled to bring new life to this classic literary work. This cornucopia of achievement shall be performed one time only in the hallowed Nicolson Lounge at 10PM on Saturday, September 19th. Hear lines such as “What killed the dinosaurs? THE ICE AGE!” and “I’ve got wild oats to sow,” and “BAAAAAAAANE.” It shall be a knight to remember.

Date: Saturday, September 19
Time: 10PM – midnight
Place: Nics Lounge

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