[LIVEBLOG] Student Groups Fair

wesleying: we’re good at lots of things but not really tape

HELLO WESLEYAN. I’m here at table 39 (jointly with Aural Wes) for this year’s Student Groups Fair, sponsored by the Wesleyan Student Assembly! It’s maybe 90 degrees out here in the courtyard outside Beckham. Unfortunately I have no baked goods, but I do have an email list! I promised the staff a bad sign, and I really did make a bad sign — this is an old joke from a couple years ago, and it might be moderately misleading but it is a joke. We don’t sing.

My computer might overheat so I won’t be online the whole time BUT swing by and I’ll tell u about this here blog

Our recruitment meeting will be next Sunday at 1 PM — look out for a post about that.

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