The Writing Workshop is Open for the Semester

Ford Fellow Elana Rosenthal ’15/GRAD writes in with information about Wesleyan’s Writing Workshop:

Does the long list of writing assignments on your syllabus make you shudder?
At the Writing Workshop a staff of trained peer tutors is available to meet with you at every stage of the writing process. You can meet with a tutor to discuss ideas for an upcoming assignment, edit a rough draft of a paper, or review a professor’s comments on completed work. Everyone is welcome and all services are free. Make an appointment through your E-portfolio (click on “Writing Workshop”) or stop by during drop-in hours.

Read on after the jump for the Fall 2015 Writing Workshop schedule:

Fall 2015 schedule:
Drop-in – Sci Li 77 – Rachel Earnhardt (HIST/ENVS)
Appointment – Olin 106 – Isabel Fattal (COL/RELI)
Appointment – Sci Li 266 – Justin Greene (ENGL/ANTH)

Drop-in – Sci Li 77 – Alison Denzer-King (PSYC/CSED)
Appointment – Olin 106 – Leah Bakely (HIST/HISP)
Appointment – Sci Li 266 – Giordana Martino (PSYC)
Appointment – Downey 104 – Sophia Franchi (FELLOW/ENGL/FRST)

Drop-in – Sci Li 77 – Gabriel Borelli (CSS)
Appointment – Olin 106 – Jenna Shapiro (HIST)
Appointment – Sci Li 266 – Penny Snyder (ENGL)

Drop-in – Sci Li 77 – Rebecca Brand (ARHA/ARST)
Appointment – Olin 106 – Hein Jeong (PHIL/GRST)
Appointment – Sci Li 266 – Aryeh Lieber (ENGL)
Appointment – Downey 103 – Elana Rosenthal (FELLOW/COL/FRST)

Drop-in – Sci Li 77 – Alexandra Ricks (HIST/LAST)
Appointment – Olin 106 – Sarah Mininsohn (SOC/DANC)
Appointment – Sci Li 266 – Jeremy Crimm (CSS)

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