“Phantom Bodies—Photographs by Tanya Marcuse” Exhibition

phantom_bodies_eventFrom the CFA:

The exhibition Phantom Bodies features haunting photographs by Tanya Marcuse evoking absent bodies in the U.S., England, Florence, and Vienna.

The exhibition “Phantom Bodies” brings together “Undergarments
and Armor” (2002-2004) and “Wax Bodies” (2006-2008), two
projects in which Tanya Marcuse creates haunting photographs evoking
absent bodies. For “Undergarments and Armor,” Ms. Marcuse traveled
to archives and museums in the United States and England. For “Wax
Bodies,” she photographed the 18th-century Italian anatomical models
in two obscure museum collections, La Specola in Florence and the
Josephinum in Vienna.

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, Noon-4pm
Closed: Saturday, October 24 through Tuesday, October 27; and Tuesday, November 24 through Monday, November 30, 2015.

Opening Date: Tuesday, September 29
Closing Date: Sunday, December 13
Place: Davison Art Center

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