Weekend Fun @The Buttonwood Tree

buttonwood treeAre you an artsy person? Do you know about the Buttonwood Tree? Whether you answered yes or no, read on:

Unsatisfied with Wesleyan’s weekend nightlife? Want to organize a new event and you need a cool space to do it in? The Buttonwood Tree has what you’re looking for!

The Buttonwood Tree is a non-profit performing arts center located on Main Street (right next to It’s Only Natural). We have a performance space as well as a bookstore, art gallery, and concession stand.

We are looking for students to create Friday and/or Saturday night events that run from 11pm-2am. You could book the space for your band, coordinate an open mic, poetry readings, debates, studying?!? host a dance party, almost anything you want!

Send your ideas and/or questions in an email to thebuttonwoodtree[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject “Wesleyan space rental.” You can also learn more about us on our Facebook page. Can’t wait to hear from you!

There is no start date or end date! Do cool things off campus!

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