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Classics Lecture: “Chariot Warfare in Homer”

PowerPoint Presentation

From Jackson Barnett ’18:

This Friday at noon, Madeleine Goh from the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies is coming to speak about chariots and chariot warfare. She’s a specialist in Homer and Greek language.

In Homer, spectacular descriptions of chariots and charioteers abound in many glamorous battle scenes in which warriors engage in life or death struggle for Troy and in which they vie for individual glory. The images of the Homeric hero on a war chariot are so iconic that we assume these were used for war or travel in the heroic age. But chariots are also depicted as vehicles for divine journeys or for rituals such as funerals. This talk examines the evidence for the Homeric chariot as a vehicle for warfare or possible ritual use.

Date: Friday, October 30
Time: 12 PM
Place: Downey 113

Film Series: Kwaidan

1964. Japan. Dir: Masaki Kobayashi. With Keiko Kishi. 183 min. 35mm print.

A beautiful spectre appears in the snow; a writer sees faces in his tea; a blind musician performs for an unusual audience. This hypnotically stylized quartet of ghost stories dissolves the boundaries between life and death, whisking together folklore, big-budget cinematic artifice, and avant-garde music into one rapturous existential horror spectacle.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free