Zymurgy Collective first meet up


From Keren Reichler ’16:

Do you like to eat kimchi/sauerkraut/pickles/kombucha and other fermented miracles? Do you want to learn how to make these yourself? Are you grossed out, intrigued or just curious what all the hype is about?Do you want to learn about and practice the art of fermentation?

Join the re-activation of Zymurgy Collective, Wesleyan’s fermentation collective! Fermentation is life! If you’re interested in DIY practices, supporting local food production, learning how to make your family’s traditional recipes or playing with your food,  join ZyCo!

ZyCo is about fermentation as a community ritual, as an art, and as a politics. ZyCo is about remaking community, honoring life-affirming decomposition, challenging the industrial food system, decolonizing health, celebrating the micro-organisms that make up our world and re-discovering ancient wisdom.

Join the collective if you:
know how to ferment or want to learn.
are good at getting shit organized.
can help make a digital platform.
want to make fermented art and fermented music.
want to eat ferments.
want to take photos and videos of our fermenting shindigs.
just can’t contain your excitement about making some yummy ferments!!

We will also be creating an online ZyCo platform to share art and reflections inspired by our ferments.

We’ll be convening at 264 Court St. on Monday, November 2nd at 5pm.No experience necessary!

Date: Monday, November 2nd
Time: 5:00PM
Place: 264 Court St. Middletown, CT

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