Halloween Costume Roundup 2015

"I'm still the cover photo right?"

“I’m still the cover photo right?” – Ed Thorndike ’89 of WesWings

We hope that everyone had a great Halloweekend (or, if you’re like me and didn’t realize that Halloween is a 3-4 night affair, we hope you had a great Halloween)!

Last week, we made a write-in for Halloween costumes. We received 23 costumes—up from last year’s turnout of only 7! Here’s a (moderately-sized) handful of costumes that people sent in to Wesleying that show off the spooky, creative, and downright weird Wesleyan spirit:

scully mulder HM

Costume: Scully and Mulder from X-Files ????

“a few people recognized our costume and got SUPER excited. but only a few” — HT ’17 and KG ’17

vampire LL

Costume: Vampire schoolgirl

“I went to an all girls, uniform school from kindergarten to senior year, and had to wear a super stereotypical uniform, so I decided to make it a lil spooky.” — LSL ’18

inara and mal JM

Costume: Inara Serra form Firefly

MHD ’19 and I were Mal Reynolds and Inara Serra from the brilliant but tragically cancelled 2002 space western Firefly by Wes alum Joss Whedon. Her character, Mal, is a war-hardened but deeply loyal and sarcastic captain of our ship Serenity, my character, Inara, is a high-class space courtesan or “Companion”. Described by friends and passerby as “the best costume idea ever”, “I FUCKING LOVE YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUME”, “costume goals/life goals”, “omg omg omg”, and “you look like a goddess”. The whole shindig was shiny.” — JM ’19

dancing girl emoji MF

Costume: the “dancing girl” emoji

“Flashback to Thursday: I was freaking out because I didn’t have any ideas for what I was going to be for Halloween. I headed down to the CFA costume sale for inspiration, and happened upon this fabulous dress! Immediately, I knew I should use it to be the “dancing girl” emoji. The stars had clearly aligned to make this happen: I thought I’d left my red heels at home, but when I got back to my dorm and looked in my closet, there they were!” — MF ’19

100 emoji JB

Costume: the 100 emoji

“I spent way too much money on this outfit!” — JB ’18

Costume: some grapes

GR ’18 and her non-Wes friend


Costume: All of Will Ferrell’s characters

MC ’16, MJ ’16, ES ’16, CM ’16, SG ’16, CM ’16, HP’16

Thanks so much for sharing your costumes with us!


Here’s the last two submissions, which brings our total up to 29 costumes! Good work!

bob's burgers

Costume: The Belcher Family

“We had a group costume from the show Bob’s Burgers. We also bought a bunch of hamburgers from McDonalds and handed them out to anyone that immediately recognized our costume!!” — MK ’16 , JC ’16 , EP ’16, JL ’16, VA ’16


Costume: Hillary Clinton

“Wanted a reason to wear my pantsuit.” — AS ’18

And with that, Halloween is officially over… let’s pray the Christmas carols hold of at least until Thanksgiving is over!

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