Duke Day 2015

duke_day_posterwesFrom the West College Dormitory:

Oh yes, baby, it’s that time of year.

THIS SATURDAY is DUKE DAY. Formerly known briefly as the 8th Day of the Week (it was dark times, Harry, dark times), Duke Day is West College Dormitory’s annual fall music and arts festival, that’s been going on since like the late 70’s or something.

music + art (painting!) + ball pit + balloons in the café + general coolness

2-2:20pm Knowles Crew
2:20-2:30 Bryan The Girl
2:30-2:50 the good lonely
2:50-3 Heimi Vilhelm
3-3:40 Yabadum
3:40-3:50 Harrison + Daphne
3:50-4:40 Mad Satta
4:40-4:50 Brien Bradley
4:50-5:10 Rui Barbosa
5:10-5:20 Jess Wachtler
5:20-5:40 McLeary McLeary
5:40-5:50 Zach Berkowitz
5:50-6:10 Sneaky Sugars

Come by the cafe! It will be fun :)

Date: Saturday, November 14
Time: 2-6:30PM
Place: WestCo Cafe
Facebook: wow look at this link thing look what i can do with the internet

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