Collateral Repair Project T-Shirt Sale

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From Cole Phillips ’16:

Come to Usdan on Monday to buy a Collateral Repair Project T-Shirt! ($20 per shirt. You can either bring cash, donate the money directly to CRP on their webpage at the table, or Venmo one of the people working the table.)

All proceeds go to Collateral Repair Project to benefit Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Amman, Jordan. You can also sign up to donate to Collateral Repair Project at the table (only $7 is enough to provide food vouchers to one Syrian or Iraqi family in Amman for a week).

Collateral Repair Project is a grassroots organization in Amman, Jordan that helps urban refugees with food, housing, education and trauma relief.

Over 700,000 Syrian and Iraqi registered refugees currently reside in Jordan. 84% of these refugees live outside of established refugee camps. 80% are women and children. A majority of the non-camp refugees are located in impoverished neighborhoods like Hashami Shamali, in East Amman, the community where Collateral Repair Project is located.

CRP seeks to restore dignity and community to displaced people, while ensuring that basic food and housing needs are met. Their Emergency Assistance Program provides food vouchers, fuel, mattresses and other basic needs to refugees who need it most. Their Family Resource and Community Center is a haven where beneficiaries rebuild social ties and participate in educational, recreational, health and wellness programs.

CRP’s great strengths are the wealth of knowledge they have about Jordan’s urban refugees, the strong relationships they have developed with those they serve and their ability to quickly respond to their needs.

Date: Monday, November 16th
Time: 11am-6pm
Place: Usdan

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