“Vessel” Screening

1412792178From the lovely Louisa Winchell ’18:

Interested in reproductive health and rights? Want to learn more about
international abortion laws?

Join the Wesleyan Doula Project and Womanist House for a screening and
discussion of Vessel at the Film Series!

Vessel is a documentary about Women on Waves, an organization “founded
in 2000 with the aim to prevent unwanted pregnancies and unsafe
abortions by providing sexual health services, including early medical
abortions, on board a Dutch ship, outside the territorial waters of
countries where abortion is illegal.” For more information, view the
website: vesselthefilm.com

If you have any discussion questions you would like to add, please
email them to lwinchell[@]wesleyan[.]edu.

Date: Tuesday, November 17

Time: 8:00PM-10:00PM

Place: Goldsmith Family Cinema

Cost: Free!

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