Tessa Wills — After Paquerette

After-Paquerette-6From Trouve Ivo ’16:

A lighthearted and meaningful investigation into the nature of dark
erotic subspaces of communication. After Paquerette invites audiences into the internal psychogeographical and somatic spaces of fraternal connection and belonging.

Friday & Saturday November 20 & 21 at 12-4pm
200 Church Ave
Working to transgress inherited cultural & social values relating to waste and cleanliness, Tessa Wills will help guide participants toward desires as somatic indicators of personal and ethical boundaries for reclaiming their polluted and empowered bodies. Please reserve a place by emailing Trouve Ivo (zbelok[@]wesleyan[.]edu).

Artist Bio:
Tessa Wills is a live artist and choreographer with a background in
music. She is from England, trained in central Europe and now lives in
San Francisco. Her work elevates flaws and wounds as portals, ways of
staging humanity, and often integrates eroticism to charge the pieces,
which happen primarily on stage and video. Aside from the relentless
pull of desire, her current practice is inspired by hermits,
professional mourning, and waste.

Co-sponsored by Wesleyan Green Fund, Creative Campus Initiative, and
Adelphic Educational Fund.

Date: Friday, November 20
Time: 9PM-10PM
Place: WestCo Cafe

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