Thanksgiving Break Dining Hours


We say this over every break. Literally every one. If you’re staying here over Thanksgiving (like me), you’re shit outta luck! Bon App is closing up to celebrate Turkey Day, and everything is closed from Wednesday through Saturday. You can hoard food from Weshop (“WesShop”) until tomorrow at 4, and you can’t go back for bougie, overpriced snacks until next Sunday at 4. Usdan and Summies reopen for dinner on Sunday, and regular hours for everything resume on Monday. Swings and Red and Black have similar schedules — closed by the end of lunch tomorrow, reopening next Sunday.

But hey, at least it hasn’t started snowing yet.

Here are a couple charts of which of our glorious dining services will be open and when:

tgives break dining hrs


swings / red and black thanksgiving hours

If you have sweet, sweet cash, you can go to Neon Deli (across from Freeman), Nardelli’s (on Washington Street next to BuHo), O’Rourke’s Diner (on Main Street), Vines on Church (on Church across from junior village), or Mama’s Italian Market (on William Street also across from j-ville). They will probably all be closed on actual Turkey Day, so plan accordingly.

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